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 I just wanted to correct some spelling in the following list, so folks
won't get lost looking for non-existent taxa.

>There are many bioluminescent polychaetes which I won't attempt to list.
>Among the oligochaetes there are only two families with luminescent
>genera, the Lumbricidae with Eisenia as the only known BL genus and the
>Megascolecidae which includes Digaster, Diplocardia, Diplotrema,
>Eutyphoeus, Fletcherodrilus, Lampito, Megascolex, Microscolex
>(=Eodrillus *******  EODRILUS*****), Octochaetus, Parachilota, Ponodrilus
(*****PONTODRILUS ****), Ramiella and

Pontodrilus is found in marine beaches above the high water mark, usually
quiet areas (i.e. not on beaches with heavy surf) in/under accumulations of
organic debris, warm temperate to tropical, global. The other species are
all from "normal" terrestrial soils.  Microscolex has a bit of a complicated
nomenclatural history, as does "Eodrilus" so be careful in calling anything

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