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Dear fellow worm enthusiasts,

Has anyone come across Euchone limnicola Reish 1960 (Sabellidae:

The species is reputed to be an estuarine form, and is often found in high
densities near harbours. It seems that it is being spread (ballast water
again?) over considerable distances. Our current findings report it from
Japan, Australia, UK and possibly also northern France and Germany, as
well as the type locality, California.

The most striking feature of E. limnicola is the peculiar anal
'depression' (Hartman's subsequent redescription refers to it as an anal
'groove'). Lateral wings are absent, and the anterior margin is bordered
by a kind of dermal ridge, or in some cases almost a flap. The
'depression' is not therefore in accordance with the generic diagnosis.
Reish 1960 does not show the feature, but Hartman subsequently illustrates
it in  Allan Hancock Pac. Exp. vol 19:203-204, pl.6, figs 7-10. I would
gladly fax this to anyone who is not familiar with the species.

I would very much like to learn of other records of E.limnicola. Also,
has anyone found other Euchone specimens with anomalous anal
depressions? Any comments greatly appreciated. 

Thanking you for your help,  


Sabine Cochrane

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