seeking Euchone limnicola

Aaron Baldwin jsapb at
Wed Mar 5 23:12:28 EST 1997

Dear Sabine,

I worked on a project this summer sorting polychaete samples from Auke
Bay, Alaska. In those samples we found two species of Euchone that were
tentatively identified as Euchone analis and Euchone sp. (I can't
remember the name we found!, maybe E incolor? My notebook is in the lab)
E. analis has an anal groove so large that in specimens without radioles
it took a moment to tell which end was which. The groove was as big as the
collar! The other species had a smaller groove, to the third or fourth
posterior setiger (counting from the back). If you like, I could e-mail a
photo of E. analis. I have jpegs of all of our summer specimens. Take
care- Aaron

Aaron Baldwin <jsapb at>

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