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Tue Mar 18 02:22:08 EST 1997

Dr. Ralf Bastrop wrote:

> We are studying the biological invasion of North Sea and Baltic coastal
> waters by polychaetes of the genus MARENZELLERIA. [...]
> The following list contains synonyms of spionids of the genus
> MARENZELLERIA under which specimens that would be of interest to us may
> have been deposited in your museum collections or in other sources that
> you know of.


> SCOLECOLEPIDES BENHAMI Ehlers, 1907 (New Zealand)

A very interesting project.

Can I point out that Scolecolepides is not actually a synonym of 
Marenzelleria. The four (I think) Scolecolepides species from NZ, 
Australia, and Argentina would be an uncomfortable fit into Marenzelleria, 
although the relationship might be quite close.

I haven't read many of the papers. Are the Marenzelleria spp. an 
ecological problem in any way in the Baltic & North Sea to merit  the 
flood of interest -- or is it just the shock of the new? What are they 
doing to the other fauna? Anyone looking at that?

(Please post any observations to the list.) :-)

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