Marenzelleria collection

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Tue Mar 18 10:39:29 EST 1997

In message  Geoff Read < at> writes
>Dr. Ralf Bastrop wrote:
>> We are studying the biological invasion of North Sea and Baltic coastal
>> waters by polychaetes of the genus MARENZELLERIA. [...]
>> The following list contains synonyms of spionids of the genus
>> MARENZELLERIA under which specimens that would be of interest to us may
>> have been deposited in your museum collections or in other sources that
>> you know of.

I seem to have missed Ralf's original post. If Ralph contacts me I think
I can help with the supply of Marenzellaria material from the Humber and
NE England. I also have access to historical data (including the first
recordings of the beast in the Humber).
Mike Bailey.
<mike at>

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