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Help with Siphonobranchia

pchevald at ahab.rutgers.edu pchevald at ahab.rutgers.edu
Fri May 9 15:46:44 EST 1997

Dear Andrew, dear all,

Obviously, this is not my field, and I suggest you contact Eve Southward or
Steve Gardiner. However, here is where to start:

Siphonobrachia ilyophora:

Nielsen, C. 1965. Four new species of Pogonophora from the Atlantic Ocean
off Southern Florida. Bull Mar Sci, 15: 964-986. (Description of 

Gupta, B.L., Little, C. 1969. Studies on Pogonophora II. Ultrastructure of
the tentacular crown of Siphonobrachia. J Mar Biol Assoc UK, 49: 717-741.

Southward, E.C. 1971. Pogonophora of the Northwest Atlantic: Nova Scotia to
Florida. Smithson Contrib Zool, 88: 1-29.

Siphonobrachia lauensis:

Southward, E.C. 1991. Three new species of Pogonophora, including two
vestimentiferans, from hydrothermal sites in the Lau Back-arc Basin
(Southwest Pacific Ocean). J Nat Hist, 25: 859-881.

Desbruyeres, D. et al. 1994. Deep-sea hydrothermal communities in
Southwestern Pacific back-arc basins (the North-Fiji and Lau Basins):
composition, microdistribution and food web. Mar Geol, 116: 227-242.

See also:

Southward, E.C. 1993. Pogonophora. In: Microscopic anatomy of invertebrates,
vol. 12: 327-369.

I think that's it. To my knowledge (the specialists will confirm) there are
only 2 species, only one of which occurring near hydrothermal vents. Now,
does that make it an "endemic to hydrothermal vents"? I would be very careful...

Good luck,


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