Address of Smith & Rieger

Ilya E. Ivanov ivanov at
Fri May 30 12:50:47 EST 1997

    Department of Invertebrate Zoology,  Biological Faculty,
                    Moscow State University,
         119899, Moscow, Russia.  Tel.: (095) 939 36 56
         Ilya E. Ivanov

Dear Anneliders,
     During last few years I have been studying ultrastructure of
coelom cavity among family Phyllodocidae under the guidance of Dr.
Alexander B. Tzetlin. Now I am first year post graduate student. I am
planing to investigate and compare the secondary body cavity among
other groups of errant polychaete. I would be much grateful if you
could send me, if it's possible, e-mail addresses of Dr. Peter R.
Smith and Dr. Reinhard M. Rieger

Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours
                                   Ilya E. Ivanov

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