International Polychaetology Association Council

Geoff Read at
Tue Oct 7 19:58:34 EST 1997

An UNOFFICIAL list of council members & e-mails was circulated.

> Please advise corrections/additions as necessary.

... And here they are as so far received. 

> Members of the Council

> Dr Cristina Gambi <gambimc at> 

Also Fax:  (+39-81 984201) 

> Dr Hans-Dieter Pfannenstiel [unknown - Institute fur Allgemeine Zoologie]

      Fax: (+49-308 383916)

> Dr Pat Pocklington <Pocklington at> 

Discard & update to:  <pat at>

My deepest apologies for somehow missing out one of the people added to the
council at last meeting. How could anyone forget:

Dr Pei-Yuan Qian <boqianpy at>


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