Benthic Ecology Meeting, Florida, March 1998

Geoff Read at
Mon Oct 20 23:14:42 EST 1997

Expanded from another list. (The 1996 meeting had several papers 
relating to polychaetes and online abstracts from this meeting  can be
retrieved from )

Further enquiries for the _1998_ meeting only to:

jlin at (Junda Lin)

Junda Lin, Ph.D.
Organizing Committee
Associate Professor
Florida Institute of Technology

The 27th Annual Benthic Ecology Meeting will be held in Melbourne,
Florida, in March 12-15, 1998.  The deadline for submitting an abstract is
December 15, 1997.  Check the meeting web site:

Below is a list of the session topics. When submitting an abstract include
by preference the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd session topic appropriate to your

   1.Spacial ecology 
   2.Chemical ecology 
   3.Life history dynamics 
   5.Applied ecology 
   6.Invasive species 
   8.Trophic interactions 
   9.Animal-sediment interactions 
  10.Molecular ecology 
  11.Ecosystem function 
  13.Larval ecology and recruitment 

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