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Reprints: Echiurans & pogonophorans derived annelids

Damhnait McHugh dmchugh at oeb.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 27 11:02:47 EST 1997

If any of you would like a reprint of the paper mentioned below,  please
send me an e-mail request. Regards, Damhnait McHugh dmchugh at oeb.harvard.edu

>Hello folks,
>Damhnait McHugh's <dmchugh at oeb.harvard.edu> interesting paper on the above
>subject is readable online at:
>http://www.pnas.org/all.shtml  (Do a search on vol 94 and p8006)
>Or a version for printing at:
>This link is to a page offering the link to DOWNLOAD the Reprint (PDF)
>version of:   PNAS McHugh 22 July 1997; 94 (15):8006-8009. (191K). And
>there is some info about printing PDF files. You need Adobe Acrobat reader
>(free from Adobe) to read & print this format, but it gives a very nice
>copy for filing.
>McHugh, D.  1997.  Molecular evidence that echiurans and pogonophorans are
>derived annelids. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 94:
>ABSTRACT                "The Annelida, which includes the polychaetes and the
>clitellates, has long held the taxonomic rank of phylum. The unsegmented,
>mud-dwelling echiuran spoon worms and the gutless, deep-sea pogonophoran
>tube worms (including vestimentiferans) share several embryological and
>morphological features with annelids, but each group has also been
>considered as a separate metazoan phylum based on the unique characters
>they display. Phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences from the nuclear gene
>elongation factor-1a place echiurans and pogonophorans within the Annelida.
>This result, indicating the derived loss of segmentation in echiurans, has
>profound implications for our understanding of the evolution of metazoan
>body plans, and challenges the traditional view of the phylum-level
>diversity and evolutionary relationships of protostome worms."
>List members may find the 2nd to last paragraph of the paper particularly
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