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Tue Apr 7 09:43:20 EST 1998

On Mon, 06 Apr 1998 16:15:04 +0200, Joao Gil wrote:

>I need to ask for a loan of material deposited in the Museum National
>d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris (MNHN).
>Can anyone tell me who to contact, now that Dr. Dauvin moved from there to
>the Station Marine de Wimereux?

There is indeed a vacancy at MNHN.
Any enquiry should be addressed to the Director of the laboratory 
(Biologie des Invertebres Marins et Malacologie) in charge of the 
polychaete collection: Prof. D. Doumenc, whose e-mail should be:
    <doumenc at>
Perhaps he can arrange to have searched for the specimens 
you are looking for. Good luck!

>I also would like to know if the polychaete collection of the Observatoire
>Oceanologique de Banyuls is still at Banyuls-sur-mer or if it was deposited
>in another place (at the MNHN, for instance).
A few years ago I tried (unsuccessfully) to see specimens from this 
collection which in the 60's was well curated. 
But in the meantime the remaining collections have been moved out of 
way, somewhere under the roof. Maybe there is somebody officially in charge 
of the collections. They have NOT been moved to Paris (see above).
You may enquire at the following addresse:
    <mbhaud at>
Otherwise, a polychaete person who last year managed to see the remaining 
collections there, is: 
    <dfiege at>

Good luck!

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