6th Polychaete conference - first important reminder

Paulo da Cunha Lana lana at aica.cem.ufpr.br
Wed Apr 8 12:27:34 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

I have an important reminder to all of you who will attend the Brazilian
conference. If you are not a Brazilian citizen and plan to collect worms
or other animals and eventually take them back to your native country, it
will be necessary to get an special collecting permit from the Brazilian
Ministry for the Environment. The Brazilian government has taken a zero
tolerance for illegal traffic of biological specimens and or tissues.
Brazilian environmental legislation is rather strict and - I would say -
justifiably xenophobic, as in most tropical and subtropical countries of
the world.

I am currently discussing this subject with our Ministry. I am trying to
get a collective collecting permit to attendants of the conference, but
this seems to be rather difficult. To get individual permits, I need some
input from you. If you plan (and only if you plan) to collect in Brazil,
please e-mail a message to  lana at aica.cem.ufpr.br, in English, Portuguese
or Spanish, with ALL the following information:

- your name, work address and professional status; 

- a short C.V.(maximum one page);

- the kind of material you intend to collect, as detailed as possible;

- a small statement (no more than 10 lines) of the research activities
associated with the collecting; 

- a list of the places (even tentative) where you plan to collect;

- names of Brazilian institutions and/or scientists who will support your
field activities and act as local sponsors.  If you do not have such
contacts, please feel free to use my name and that of my institution.
Please feel free to contact other people from the Organizing Committee or
any other Brazilian polychaetologists or marine biologists re this matter.

To speed and facilitate the bureaucracy concerning this matter, I have
stated to the pertinent Division of our Ministry for the Environment that
holotypes and/or paratypes of new species (or any other relevant
material) would be also deposited in Brazilian institutions. There are at
least two polychaete collections in Brazil with regular curatorial care,
that of the University of Campinas (c/o Cecilia Amaral) and that of the
Centro de Estudos do Mar (c/o Paulo Lana). I also believe that the
National Museum in Rio de Janeiro will be interested in receiving relevant
biological material.

I need ALL this information before April 30. I will not be able to carry
out late-hour arrangements concerning this matter. If you know other
polychaetologists, who are currently e-mail incommunicadoes and plan to
collect in Brazil, please contact them and inform them about this.

Thanks in advance for your input. PLEASE AVOID REPLYING DIRECTLY TO
ANNELIDA (do not use the "reply to" function in your e-mail application).
Send your messages re this topic directly to me unless they are of
general interest to other polychaetologists. Looking forward to not seeing
you in Brazilian jails for ecological crimes (at least three years in
prison, no bail allowed...)   ;-) I send all my best wishes,

Paulo Lana lana at aica.cem.ufpr.br 

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