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Geoff Read g.read at niwa.cri.nz
Thu Apr 23 18:40:20 EST 1998

Tom Parker wrote:

> Interested wormers may want to visit the addresses:


Indeed they may. And for some time both links have been on my field-trips
page at annelid resources.

By the way seven of the ten links at the NAS page to other sites are to our
own pages at annelid resources -  and without any acknowledgement.
Interesting ... perhaps I should drop them a polite note?

Very new at annelid resources is a translation of Orsted 1843 "Groenlands
Annulata Dorsibranchiata," and links to a couple of pages speculating if
Columbus's mysterious landfall light of 1492 related to spawning
Odontosyllis! Many thanks to Leslie Harris for all of those.

I haven't previously mentioned it here but some time ago I put in a page
covering the recent spate of annelid phylogeny papers. 


Also there is an online version of Greg and Kristian's clade 
classification at:


The situation with the PRO list is that I am updating and adding to the
online version as the requests come in. I haven't changed the downloadable
zip file - will do when it seems necessary.

Comments, corrections, new links to:

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