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Wed Aug 5 22:01:26 EST 1998

Annelida colleagues,

Prof Stock, mentioned by me as an expert on copepods of annelids, I 
regret is no longer with us. I am informed he died last year.

I'm told there was a commemoration to him just  a couple of weeks ago,
during an international Crustacean meeting.


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From: Jennifer Cline Gregg <jgregg at>
Subject:       Polygordius

Hi fellow worm enthusiasts!

  Could anyone possibly help me find references and/or other resources 
related to Polygordius larvae or even general biology?  Gene Ruff 
identified our specimens as Polygordius spp. indet. but we would 
like any information on the genus regardless of species.  They are 
numerically dominant at our research site and we think we may have 
just found our first larvae but have no way of confirming it.  I would 
appreciate any suggestions you might have.  Thank you in advance for your 

Jennifer Gregg
<jgregg at>

Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Rutgers, the State University
71 Dudley Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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