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Tue Aug 11 18:16:56 EST 1998

Jennifer Gregg asked:
>   Could anyone possibly help me find references and/or other resources
> related to Polygordius larvae or even general biology?  Gene Ruff
> identified our specimens as Polygordius spp. indet. but we would like any
> information on the genus regardless of species.  They are numerically
> dominant at our research site and we think we may have just found our
> first larvae but have no way of confirming it. 

Hopefully relevant to Atlantic USA:

Cowles,RP (1903): Notes on the rearing of the larvae of Polygordius
appendiculatus and on the occurence of the adult on the Atlantic coast of
America. Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) 4, 125-128.

Ritter,William Emerson (1892): Note on an abnormal Polygordius larva.
American Naturalist, New York 26, 1047-1050.

There are 87 references to Polygordius genus in my bibliographic database.
Most, if not all, should be in Linda Ward's bibliography. Wolterek and 
Soderstrom both wrote voluminously on Polygordius larvae, as did Hatschek.

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