Polygordius in Antarctica

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> ... we would 
> like any information on the genus regardless of species. 

Now here's one trawled up fresh today! It comes from an online 'Current 
Antarctic Literature,' which looks worth a cruise around sometime for the 
more southern-based amongst us.


Rota, E., Carchini, G., Erseus, C., Taxonomy and biogeography of smaller
marine infaunal Annelida from Antarctica, Meeting on Antarctic Biology,
3rd, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, Dec. 13-15, 1996. Proceedings. Edited
by G. di Prisco, S. Focardi and P. Luporini, Camerino, Camerino University
Press, [1997], p.317-320, With Italian summary. Refs. p.319-320. 

"Analysis of material collected at Terra Nova Bay and that of various
museum specimens revealed the following: for the Enchytraeidae
(Oligochaeta), a total of eight new species of Grania Southern, 1913 have
been described, and the southern distribution of the family has been
extended to 77DGS. For the Tubificidae (Oligochaeta), one new genus and
two new species have been described, and the distribution range of the
subfamily Limnodriloidinae has been extended from temperate to antarctic
latitudes. For the Polychaeta, the known range of Polygordius Schneider,
1868 has been extended south of the antarctic circle."

PS: I also found there is a Polygordius film.

Polygordius appendiculatus (Archiannelida) - Metamorphose

details at:


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