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Recently, I posted a query about Polygordius larvae and the response from 
our annelid colleagues was impressive!  Here is the compiled list of  
information I received.  Many thanks to you all.

Jennifer Gregg
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Jouin, C.  1971.  Status of the knowledge of the systematics and
ecology of Archiannelida. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology

The original description of P. leo was published in: Marcus, E. du 
B.-R. 1955. On Turbellaria and Polygordius from the Brazilian coast. 
Boletim da Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras, Universidade 
da Sao Paulo, Zoologia 20(207): 19-65. 

An identification reference for P. appendiculatus is: Fauvel, P. 1927. 
Polychetes Sedentaires. Addenda aux Errantes, Archiannelides, 
Myzostomaires. Faune de France Vol. 16. Paul Lechevalier, 
Paris. 494 pp. 

A key to species of Polygordius was published in: Marcus, E. du 
B.-R. 1948. Further Archiannelida from Brazil. Communicaciones 
Zoologicas del Museo de Historia Natural de Montivideo 2(48): 1-77. 

Cowles,RP (1903): Notes on the rearing of the larvae of Polygordius
appendiculatus and on the occurence of the adult on the Atlantic coast of
America. Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) 4, 125-128.

Ritter,William Emerson (1892): Note on an abnormal Polygordius larva.
American Naturalist, New York 26, 1047-1050.

Rota, E., Carchini, G., Erseus, C., Taxonomy and biogeography of smaller
marine infaunal Annelida from Antarctica, Meeting on Antarctic Biology,
3rd, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, Dec. 13-15, 1996. Proceedings. Edited
by G. di Prisco, S. Focardi and P. Luporini, Camerino, Camerino University
Press, [1997], p.317-320, With Italian summary. Refs. p.319-320.  

There is a Polygordius film.
Polygordius appendiculatus (Archiannelida) - Metamorphose
details at:  http://www.iwf.gwdg.de/iwfger/alldaten/E2716.html 

The life history of North European Polygordius was treated by:
Von Nordheim H (1984) Life histories of the subtidal interstitial polychaetes
of the families Polygordiidae, Protodrilidae, Nerillidae, Dinophilidae, and
Diurodrilidae from Helgoland (North Sea). Helgoldnder Meeresunters 38: 1-20

Ultrastructural and physiological data can be found in: Rieger RM & 
Rieger GE (1976) Fine structure of the archiannelid cuticle and remarks 
on the evolution of the cuticle within the Spiralia. Acta Zool 57:53-68
Sensenbaugh T, Franzen E (1987) Fine structural observations of the apical
organ in the larva of Polygordius (Annelida: Polychaeta). Scanning 
Microsc 1: 181-189

Hay-Schmidt A (1995) The larval nervous system of Polygordius lacteus 

1868 (Polygordiidae, Polychaeta): Immunocytochemical data. Acta Zool 76:

A useful review of the old literature on Polygordius larvae in (pp. 90-91):
Hermans CO (1969) The systematic position of the Archiannelida. Syst 
Zool 18: 85-102  

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