Circeis oshurkovi

sashka sashka at
Sun Aug 16 09:08:15 EST 1998

New Paper Rzhavsky A.V., 1998. Circeis oshurkovi sp.n. (Polychaeta, 
Spirorbidae) from the North Pacific - Ophelia 48(3): 207-210. 

You can get copy of this paper (scanned, Gif-format) from my homepage. 

I'm prepearing virtual definition key for Spirorbidae of World Ocean on my
homepege. It under construction, but prelimenary version for Spirorbinae
and Circeinae are ready. I'll greatly appreciate for remarks and, in first
line -  is it usefull itself?

Best wishes 
Alexander V. Rzhavsky 
sashka at 
ISQ # 10766060

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