Spirographis/Sabella spallanzanii

Helmut Zibrowius hzibrowi at com.univ-mrs.fr
Wed Aug 19 13:38:38 EST 1998

   Spirographis (or as some prefer: Sabella) spallanzanii had been 
recognized in recent years as a newcomer to Australia and as a successful
invasive species with the downunders. The Australian population was found
to be closer (genetically) to the Mediterranean than to the Atlantic ones.

   This message just to confirm that S. spallanzanii exists all along the
Iberian coasts, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic: Recently I had a
series of dives, between Algeciras Bay (Straits of Gibraltar) and near the
SW Spanish/Portuguese border (Guadiana estuary). I thus had the opportunity
to notice that S. spallanzanii was present in the industrial area of
Algeciras Bay, at Cadiz, and on the jetty of Punta del Moral (near the
Portuguese border).

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