Good news re: ANNELIDA: Advisory update on RBL

Geoff Read at
Wed Aug 19 21:49:07 EST 1998

Annelida members,

I wrote on the 14 Aug:
> As I advised on 23 July, BIONET outgoing mail has been blocked by 
> an anti-spam automatic filter system used by many organizations around
> the world (RBL - Realtime Blackhole List). Those on ANNELIDA list who
> will NOT receive this message are  those whose organizations use RBL. I
> believe it is a small number of us, but there is no way of finding out.
> Anyone who has received this message is not affected ...

If you did not receive that message quoted above then  you now know why
ANNELIDA was apparently silent. You can catch up with the messages you
missed at the archive site (URL below).

The good news is that the RBL block was removed on Sunday last, and
BIONET and ANNELIDA mail are flowing normally again. It is no longer
necessary to send your messages to me personally as well as to  the list.
So get those messages coming, and in particular, I know those who, like me,
were unable to go to the Brazil conference would like to learn how it went.


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