Zoologica Scripta -Reply

Kristian Fauchald Fauchald.Kristian at nmnh.si.edu
Fri Dec 18 16:17:23 EST 1998

Certainly on my own behalf, but I believe also on behalf of the polychaete 
people writ large, we owe Fredrik a round of applause for his work on 
Zoologica Scripta.  There is nothing  like having a critical and reasonably 
strict editor who knows and understands the intricacies of a given group 
for giving that group good exposure.  Fredrik has certainly done that;  
without his activities we would not have gotten as far as we have now.  Let 
us now hope that the next editor is one with a similar appreciation of the 
finer things in life (i.e. polychaete morphology, biology and systematics).  

Kristian Fauchald 
<Fauchald.Kristian at NMNH.SI.EDU>

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