International polychaete trade

Geoff Read gread at
Tue Dec 29 23:01:10 EST 1998

Robin Wilson wrote:

> It looks like we have all received messages like the one below, from a
> Belgian company looking to import live polychaetes. 

No. The person concerned used e-mail addresses from information 
several years out-of-date - lifted from somewhere on the net - not from 
the current web PRO listing and certainly not via Annelida (it is NOT 
possible to obtain the list of Annelida subscribers). So many will not have 
been aware of this character prior to Robin's posting.  I have deleted his 
contact details because Annelida is a non-commercial discussion group 
for scientific issues only. Any soliciting messages sent to Annelida by 
this person will not be circulated. 

Should Robin's view on the polychaete trade not be yours, I leave to your 
respective judgements as to whether the man in Belgium conveys the 
impression of a reliable business partner :^)


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