Belgian worm trader

nechama ben-eliahu nbenelia at
Wed Dec 30 15:15:06 EST 1998

I contacted the Israel Nature Reserves Authority to ask
if there is something that could be done to control this.
Maybe some of the net-members have resource to a similar
kind of government authority?

Not that I am concerned that anyone will export Israeli
polychaetes--ours is a dwarf fauna, with only one site
where Hediste diversicolor once could be obtained in
numbers and that site has been more or less eliminated
due to industrial pollution of the Naaman River.

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998, Helmut Zibrowius wrote:
> (announcement discussed by R. Wilson and G. Read)
> That's just one of the established or would-be worm traders in W Europe.
> That kind of business has been going on for years. It proves
> that it is cheaper to import worms from the third world than tohave them
> dug out at high W European wages. [...]

Dr. M. Nechama Ben-Eliahu, Curator
Section of Invertebrates
The Hebrew University Zoological Collections
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