Euphrosinidae - Feeding Guild?

Helmut Zibrowius hzibrowi at
Wed Feb 4 09:33:36 EST 1998

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998 20:19:41 -0500, judy A Fournier wrote:

>Could someone tell me what feeding guild the Euphrosinidae should be
>referred to? I am posting this on behalf of a colleague who suspects
>"subsurface deposit feeder" would be close. I tend to agree about
>"deposit feeder" but do not know if they are surface or subsurface. We
>are looking mainly at arctic species.

   Considering their tentacle crown and easily observable behaviour, there
may be little doubt on the general way Serpulids feed (the only family I
am somewhat familiar with). In other cases I often wonder if it is
reasonable that whole families are appointed members of that or that
feeding guild. For example because mouthparts of just one species had
been considered good for predating, or because some ancient author had
thought they could do this or that. Surely, it is very convenient to rely
to once for ever decided rigid categories ....

   Could someone tell me what feeding guild the Darwin Finches should be
referred to?

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