Nereis, Neanthes, Hediste

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Wed Feb 4 19:08:53 EST 1998

> I have just seen the posting by Derek Moore on the Neanthes name issue
> and wonder if the MCS Species Directory he referred to is available for
> distribution?  Is it available electronically?  

At a guess no. The Mackie/Erseus annelid list WAS available electronically
but withdrawn. A link to this page has been on Annelida resources for a
long time (hoping it would come back). It would be nice if it could be made
available somehow as the whole book is rather expensive.

>How could I get the directory?

A bit of ferreting around Bernard Picton's pages revealed:

"The Species Directory of the marine fauna and flora of the British Isles
and surrounding seas." Howson, C.M. & Picton, B. E. (Eds.) 508 pages Ulster
Museum and Marine Conservation Society, Belfast and Ross-on-Wye. ISBN 0
94815006 8

Available from: 
The Marine Conservation Society, 9 Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye,
Herefordshire, HR9 5BU, England, UK Telephone: Int + 44 1989 566017 or UK:
01989 566017 Price 53 pounds sterling plus post and packing. 

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