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Thanks for the website.  You mentioned her difficult personal life.  To flip
the coin, what is amazing is that those of us (myself included) with an easy
personal life have accomplished so little by comparison.

You failed to mention the author, G. Evelyn Hutchinson, considered the
grandfather of ecology in the U.S.  Many (most?) ecologists in major
universities of the U.S. can trace their lineage back to Hutchinson.

Last, as a graduate student in the early 70's visiting Friday Harbor Labs
of the University of Washington, the staff pointed out an old abandoned
building outside of the town of Friday Harbor hanging over the waters. 
They told us that this was Libbie Hyman's lab and how she would simply
drop a bucket over the edge into the waters to get samples to look at
specimens for her treatises.  I wonder if it still there?


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