The most eurythermal metazoan

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Wed Feb 25 01:32:46 EST 1998

The most eurythermal metazoan? 

It is a polychaete.

According to:

Cary,SC; Shank,T; Stein,J (1998): Worms bask in extreme temperatures.
Nature 391(6667), 545-546 (5 Feb issue. Scientific correspondence).

In situ temperature records in tubes of Alvinella pompejana living on
sides of hydrothermal vent chimneys show an average of 68 deg C, with 
spikes exceeding 81, whereas tube opening (on outside of chimney) temp is 
22 deg C. This makes Alvinella the most thermotolerant and eurythermal 
metazoan known. 

(The authors also refer to  Pierre Chevaldonne's & D. Desbruyeres' 1992
note in Nature.)

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