Leslie Carles LCARLES at
Tue Jan 13 14:04:24 EST 1998

In Nov. '97, I collected Lygdamis sp. off of Key Largo, Florida.  Using
David W Kirtley's 1994 Sabellariidae key, I think the worm is Lygdamis

Does anyone have a photo of this worm?  A specimen?  Or
know of its color patterns on the feeding tentacles?  

The median organ and the feeding tentacles on the worm I collected are
pigmented brown.  The reason why I'm unsure as to its classification is
that L. rayrobertsi is described as having 3 pairs of cirri on the 2nd
thoracic segment; whereas the worm I collected has 4 pairs of cirri. 
Also, Kirtley's key does not mention the brown pigmentation on the feeding

Any help would be appreciated.

Leslie Carles
lcarles at

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