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A major problem in the Pacific islands is Platydemus manokwari
deBeauchamp, 1963, a large and carnivorous triclad planarian.  Individuals
have been introduced to the major of the islands in Micronesia and
elsewhere including Oahu.  Specimens have been sent for biological control
of the giant African snail to the Maldives and Palawan, Philippines. 
Individuals have been found thorughout Okinawa and in Queensland,
Australia. Platydemus manokwari, described from Irian Jaya, is the
probably cause of the extinction of at least one species of Partula snail
at Guam [Hopper and Smith, Pacific Science 46(1):77- , 1992].  I wrote a
short note, originally in IUCN Mollusk Species Survival Group newsletter
Tentacle which later reprinted in the Invasive Species Survival Group
newsletter Aliens [No. 2]. 

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