Procerastea species?

Arne Nygren arny at
Mon Jan 26 12:02:44 EST 1998

Hello everyone

I am doing a survey on Autolytinae and I wonder if anyone can help me
with two species that I cannot find the original descriptions of. The
species are Procerastea simpliseta Hartmann-Schroeder and Procerastea
cirrata Hartmann-Schroeder. They are mentioned in Hartmann-Schroeder 1992
(Drei neue Polychaeten-Arten...., Helgolaender meeresunters. 46, 93-101)
and are there compared to P. parasimpliseta and P. hydrozoicola
Hartmann-Schroeder.  I have checked both Zoological record and
Ward/Fauchald bibliography.

Thank you very much in advance

Arne Nygren

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