Polychaete systematics reprints

Greg Rouse gregr at bio.usyd.edu.au
Wed Jan 28 17:29:53 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues,

As announced by me a few weeks ago:

The most recent issue of Zoologica Scripta (issue 2, 1997) contains two
papers by myself and Kristian Fauchald. 

Fauchald K, Rouse GW. 1997. Polychaete systematics: Past and present. 
Zoologica Scripta 26: 71-138.

Rouse GW, Fauchald K. 1997. Cladistics and polychaetes. Zoologica
Scripta 26: 139-204.

We are happy to say that, through the generosity of the Smithsonian
Institution, we have a number of reprints of the issue containing these
papers. Many of you will have by now received a copy. For those who have
not and would like a copy, please e-mail me, Kristian
(fauchald.kristian at nmnh.si.edu) or Linda Ward (WARD.LINDA at NMNH.SI.EDU).
There will be no charge for the reprints but after these have been
distributed we will be unable to supply any more, or any photocopies (too
expensive). So, we will be attempting to distribute the reprints as
widely as possible.


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