Correction Re: Gulf of Mexico Ice Worms

Geoff Read at
Fri Jul 3 01:00:03 EST 1998

> I further notice that Fred Pleijel (1998, Zoologica Scripta 27(2):124) in
> his just-published major analysis of the hesionids prefers to place this
> species in a new genus _Sirsoe_ as Sirsoe  A  along with S. grasslei
> (Blake, 1985) (formerly in Orseis), and regards Hesiocaeca as incertae
> sedis.
> I should add the respective authors both mention the difference of 
> opinion on placement.

Oops! No they don't. Let me rephrase. Pleijel  mentioned 
only that Toulmond & Desbruyeres was describing the species. 

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