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Marcky Marcky coninho at
Wed Jul 8 01:05:41 EST 1998


     This is the first time I come to talk to you.
     My name is Jopo Miguel de Matos Nogueira and I work on coral 
associated polychaetes on Spo Paulo state, Brazil.
     I'm going to present a paper on the VIth Int. Polychaete 
Conference, describing 1 Hypsicomus,2 Desdemona, 1 Laonome and 1 generum 
intermediate between Branchiomma and Sabellastarte and I'd be very 
grateful if someone could send me information about recent bibliography 
related to these genera. The e-mail coninho at belongs to a 
friend of mine and I'll receive your messages very soon.
     Thank you very much for your help.
     See you in Curitiba.
     Sincerely yours

     Jopo Nogueira

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