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Land, J. van der Land at naturalis.nnm.nl
Fri Jun 5 08:19:19 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

Quite some time ago I sollicited assistance from members of this
newsgroup in compiling parts of the Unesco-IOC Register of Marine
Organisms. I did not expect to receive much help because the number of
taxonomists with the expert knowledge needed, is very small and most of
them have limited time or are not much interested in providing this kind
of service to the scientific community at large.

However, I still received quite some positive reactions and several
people provided information such as lists of species of polychaete
families. Others were willing to correct and update existings lists in
digital form. Nevertheless there is a long way to go before we can make
available a reasonably usefull overview of the 8000 + species of

Regrettable work on the register had to be postponed for quite a while,
but I hope to proceed again soon and I am greatly interested again in
cooperation with 'annalidians' as well. Because the members of this
newsgroup are interested in several other groups of worms I want to draw
their attention to a number of species lists that could already be made
available on the website mentioned below, most of them being complete as
far a the species names is concerned. These include lists of
Cephalorhyncha (including Kinorhyncha, Priapulida and Loricifera),
Chaetognatha, Echiura, Gastrotricha, Hemichordata, Nemertini, Phoronida,
Sipuncula and Tardigrada, just to mention some wormlike creatures. Of
course the species numbers in these groups are small in comparision to a
group like the Polychaeta, but at least they can serve as examples and,
may be, stimulate experts in other groups to cooperate. Have a look:


Geoff already suggested to make lists 'under construction' available on
the Annelid Resources' site and indeed this could foster joint work on
the project. I could also provide text versions of some of the worm
lists for easy downloading.

Dr Jacob van der Land
National Museum of Natural History - Naturalis
P.O.Box 9517
2300 RA  Leiden
the Netherlands
tel. +31 - 71 - 5687654
fax +31 - 71 - 5687666
e-mail: land at naturalis.nnm.nl

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