Arthropod relationships (book)

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Mon Jun 22 21:05:00 EST 1998

> Fortey,Richard; Thomas,Richard (Eds.) (?1997): Arthropod relationships.
> Systematics Association / Chapman & Hall, . (gbp 115) (isbn 0412754207)

It was published this year - 1998. The full publisher's blurb & TOC & order
info can be found by search at:

Chapters relevant to annelid phylogeny are probably these:-  Bodyplans,
phyla and arthropods. The phylogenetic position of the Arthropoda. A
defence of arthropod polyphyly. Hox genes and annelid-arthropod
relationships. Arthropod and annelid relationships re-examined. 

No chapter authors listed. Note the price (USA 219.95)!

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