Estimate of number of worms

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Tue Oct 20 22:07:27 EST 1998

Jacob van der Land has done the job already. I'm not answering the 
question directly, but here are some interesting statistics on recent 
taxonomic activity in annelids provided by BIOSIS.

Summary of counts of new and changed Annelida names reported in
Zoological Record from 1978 to present (volumes 115-134):

There are  5,122 new taxa,  including 172 subspecies, 4,143 species, 37
subgenera, 570 genera, 146 other ranks, 54 nom.novs. 

In addition there were 444 new synonyms and 1,240 new combinations
described as such. Both numbers are probably considerable underestimates. 

Net gain of named annelids in twenty years research is 172 + 4143 - 444 =
3871, a precise but inaccurate figure. Have I got that right - that new 
combinations don't ever change the total taxa?

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