Impact factors

Jack Pearce jpearce at
Thu Oct 22 12:15:27 EST 1998

As scientific editor of Fishery Bulletin and North American editor of
Marine Pollution Bulletin, I can tell you that the same thing is
happening in other fields/disciplines.  If a journal is solely taxonomic it
will be regarded as "unimportant," therefore of little "impact."

Solutions include publishing in mixed journals and working with editors to
encourage a mix of disciplines.  I recently dedicated an entire issue of
Fishery Bulletin to a taxonomic treatment of a single fish taxa.

Increasingly, genetics and its application(s) are becoming the big, high
impact story.  Where genetics is applied to systematics/taxonomy, there is
increased interest and attention.  Again, taxonomics are key to most other
biological disciplines and much of aquatic science.  Those aware of the
issues should continually communicated this theme!

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