Ann Vanreusel Ann.Vanreusel at rug.ac.be
Thu Sep 17 04:25:26 EST 1998

Dear colleques,

I am a meiobenthologist working on bathyal samples from the E Atlantic. I
found an interesting small polychaet which may be according to some keys
related to the fauveliopsidae. However the available picture on this
group on internet and in general identification keys is always showing
the same  general habitus view after Hartmann and Fauchald 1971. Can
somebody help me with some more detailed  descriptions from the few (?)
species belonging to this group of polychaetes ?

Yours sincerely
Ann Vanreusel

Dr. Ann Vanreusel
Marine Biology section
University Gent
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B-9000 Gent
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fax + 32 9 264 53 44
email ann.vanreusel at rug.ac.be

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