Lovely Leech Facts

James Haile jhaile at
Thu Sep 24 21:35:41 EST 1998


I wonder if anyone might be able to help me. I am an Assistant Producer
with Natural History New Zealand Ltd., a company that makes wildlife
documentaries, and am currently working on a film about Asian Tropical
rainforests. For this film we have shot a lovely sequence where two
leeches mate on a leaf in a Sumatran Rain Forest. However, I would like to
be able to say something over the shots and am looking for some
interesting information.

For example, how long do leeches live, are their eggs resistant to
desication, or can the adults aestivate, how often do they need to feed
etc? Also, as they are hermaphrodites, do they have any mechanism for
ensuring that both receives eggs, and that one does not renegue on the

I would be most grateful for any information.


James Haile
Assistant Producer
Natural History New Zealand Ltd.
P.O. Box 474
8 Dowling Street
New Zealand
Tel: 64 3 4799799
Fax: 64 3 4799917
Email: jhaile at 

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