Spirorbid references

Helmut Zibrowius hzibrowi at com.univ-mrs.fr
Fri Sep 25 10:33:10 EST 1998

Thanks to the kindness of worm colleague Eijiroh Nishi I had the 
opportunity to get knowledge of the following spirorbid studies.
I transmit the references, presuming that they may be of interest also for 
other people.

Hamamoto K., Mukai H., Wada K., 1996. Distribution of spirorbid tubeworms
(Polychaeta) on seagrass leaves in northern Japan. p. 49-58, In: Kuo J.,
Walker D.I., Kirkman H. (ed.), Seagrass biology: scientific discussion
from an international workshop, Rottnest Island, Western Australia, 25-29
January 1996. * Dexiospira brasiliensis (Grube), Circeis spirillum

Hamamoto K., 1997. Patterns of distribution and abundance of spirorbid
tubeworm Dexiospira brasiliensis living on seagrass leaves. Graduate
School of Science, Akkeshi Marine Biological Station, Hokkaido
University, Aikkappu, Akkeshi, Hokkaido 088-11, Japan. 42 p., 11 tables,
17 fig. * memoir in English, master thesis of graduate course student,
supervisor H. Mukai

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