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Since I've just grabbed the abstract from the net, I might as well post it
to  ANNELIDA as well.

Knight-Jones,Phyllis; Perkins,Thomas H (1998): A revision of Sabella,
Bispira and Stylomma (Polychaeta: Sabellidae). Zoological Journal of
Linnean Society. 123(4), 385-467.

"Sabella is rediagnosed to include only species that have spiralled
fascicles of abdominal chaetae, first thoracic shield with straight
anterior border and radioles that lack composite eyes and flanges.
Spirographis spallanzanii is synonymous with Sabella penicillus. The type
of the genus is discussed and a neotype designated. The only other species
retained in Sabella are S. pavonina and S. discifera (=Branchiomma
linaresi, once misplaced in Megalomma, but abdominal fascicles of Megalomma
form transverse rows). Most species formerly placed in Sabella are
transferred to Bispira, having C-shaped fascicles of abdominal chaetae,
first thoracic shield with a "W"-shaped anterior border and, in most
species, radioles with paired composite eyes and flanges. Bispira, with B.
volutacornis as the type species, is rediagnosed to include B.
crassicornis, B. fabricii, B. melanostigma, B. tricyclia, B. viola, B.
manicata, B. porifera, B. mariae, B. elegans, B. brunnea, B. guinensis, B.
secusolutus, B. wireni, B. oatesiana, B. spirobranchia, B. pacifica, B.
monroi, and B. turneri, many of which are described fully for the first
time. Only five of these form bispiral crowns (bispirality is useful only
specifically and occurs in other genera) and one, B. tricyclia, has a
unispiral crown. Sabella palmata Quatrefages, the type of Stylomma is
redescribed and its synonyms discussed. This genus has abdominal fascicles
like those of Bispira, but radiolar eyes like those of Megalomma. The
relative advantages of chaetal arrangement and eye position are discussed."

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