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Rüdiger M. Schmelz and Katarina Sühlo (eds)

Newsletter on Enchytraeidae No. 6

Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Enchytraeidae

Osnabrück, Germany, 3-4 July 1998

155 pages
printed on acid-free paper

Universitätsverlag Rasch, Osnabrück, Germany
ISBN 3-934005-05-5
ISSN 0937-4175

Price: DM 64.50 (ca. 32.25 Euros/US-Dollars)

 Earthworms are familiar to everybody from infancy, but what about  
enchytraeids? These smaller relatives of earthworms are far less 
known,  but they occur everywhere in soils and aquatic sediments, 
often in high densities and species numbers, and they exert ecological 
functions  similar to earthworms. The growing awareness of the 
importance of  enchytraeids for many fields in soil ecology and soil 
protection has lead  to international symposia dedicated entirely to 
the biology of  Enchytraeidae. This book covers all scientific 
contributions of the 3rd  meeting of that kind, held in July 3-4, 1998, 
at the University of  Osnabrück, Germany. The topics range from 
faunistics and  biogeography over morphology, taxonomy and 
phylogeny to physiology,  ecology and ecotoxicology. 

 The Newsletter on Enchytraeidae No. 6 reflects the proceedings of 
the 3rd  Symposium on Enchytraeidae. The symposium was hosted by 
Rüdiger M.  SCHMELZ and Dr. Rut COLLADO (University of 
Osnabrück) during July 3-4, 1998  at Haus Ohrbeck, a conference 
house run by the Order of St. Francis, near  Osnabrück, Germany. 
The meeting was attended by 25 scientists from 9 European  

This volume covers all scientific presentations of the first day of the 
meeting,  arranged in the following thematical order: faunistics and 
biogeography, morphology,  taxonomy, phylogeny, physiology, 
ecology, ecotoxicology. The second day was dedicated to taxonomy: 
live and preserved worms from all parts of the world, including  the 
tropical rainforest near Manaus, Brasil, were presented, studied light-
 microscopically, discussed and identified, aided by video-
equipment. Included in this  volume are two additional papers: a list 
of new enchytraeid taxa since 1996, and a  compilation of the work 
of Michael HECK, whose thesis on enchytraeid populations  in urban 
forests and greenlands of Berlin was not finished due to his untimely 
death  in 1994. 

 	The Symposia on Enchytraeidae are held every two years. They 
have  developed from workshops of the subgroup Enchytraeidae of 
the AG  Mesofauna, a forum for young scientists in Central Europe, 
mainly Germany,  working in the field of soil meso-faunal zoology. 
Since 1994, the meetings on  Enchytraeidae are organized as 
international symposia with regular oral and poster  presentations. 
They are open to anyone interested in any of the diverse aspects of  
the biology and ecology of enchytraeids. Conference languages are 
English and  German. 	The next meeting will be held at the Mols 
Laboratory, Denmark, organized by  Dr. Bent CHRISTENSEN in 
June 2-4, 2000. If you wish to attend or to receive  further 
announcements on that meeting, please contact: Dr. Bent  Christensen

Zoological Laboratory
University of  Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Tel.: ++45-3532-1307
Fax: ++45-3532-1300
e-mail: bchristens at zi.ku.dk 

Newsletter on Enchytraeidae 6, contents

R. M. SCHMELZ & J. RÖMBKE: New enchytraeid taxa since 1996

T. TIMM: Lake Kuril'skoe as an enchytraeid site: Preliminary data

J. RÖMBKE & M. SCHMIDT: REM documentation of putative 
cuticular sense organs of enchytraeids

K. DÓZSA-FARKAS: Taxonomical problems in enchytraeids 
(Oligochaeta) from Spitsbergen

Enchytraeus buchholzi/christenseni species complex - outline of a 
problem and first steps towards a solution

B. CHRISTENSEN: Phylogeny of Enchytraeidae as inferred from 

R. BAUER & W. BLOCK: Differential Scanning Calorimetry studies 
on enchytraeids

A. BEYLICH & R. K. ACHAZI: Influence of low soil moisture on 

U. GRAEFE & R. M. SCHMELZ: Indicator values, strategy types 
and life forms of terrestrial Enchytraeidae and other microannelids

J. RÖMBKE & M. MELLER: Applied research on Enchytraeidae in 
Central Amazonia: project approach, methodology and first results

C. DÜKER, B. KEPLIN & R. F. HÜTTL: Development of 
enchytraeid communities in reclaimed lignite mine spoil

TSIGOU: Effects of three different soil cultivation and fertilisation 
treatments on earthworms and enchytraeids

Variabilität von Enchytraeiden (Oligochaeta) in Beziehung zu 
ausgewählten Bodenparametern auf einem Agrarstandort. Spatial 
variability of enchytraeids (Oligo-chaeta) in relation to selected soil 
parameters on arable land

T. MOSER, B. FÖRSTER & J. RÖMBKE: Overview on the use of 
enchytraeids in Terrestrial Model Ecosystems (or microcosm) 

effect of soil from former irrigation fields and of sewage sludge on 
dispersal activity and colonizing success of the annelid Enchytraeus 
crypticus WESTHEIDE & GRAEFE, 1992 (Enchytraeidae, 

M. HECK, R. K. ACHAZI & R. M. SCHMELZ: Untersuchung von 
Enchytraeen-populationen innerstädtischer Forste und Freiflächen 
Berlins. Investigations on enchy-traeid populations in urban forests 
and greenlands of Berlin

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