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Petersen, Mary Elizabeth (MSX) MEPetersen at zmuc.ku.dk
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Thursday, 5 August, 1999

Fellow Annelidans!

For those who have been frustrated over various aspects of Zoological
Record, here is a chance to be heard. 

Greetings from a pleasantly sunny and summery Denmark,


Mary E. Petersen
Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Mepetersen at zmuc.ku.dk

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Hi folks,

I am trying to give some advice to the people at Zoological record about 
how people use their service and how it could be improved. If anyone uses 
ZR, or is a lapsed user of ZR, I'd be grateful for any comments you have in 
the following areas:  

1.	What are the main problems associated with the product (e.g. time lag 
before articles get indexed, coverage, lack of abstract, no author 
addresses etc)?  

2.	What are the main advantages of the product for you? (these should 
be things you wouldn't like to see change, so for example if you like the 
print format or if you DON'T want to see extra information such as author 
addresses added to each entry, these are the sort of comments I'd like to 
know). Is the long back-run (to 1865, I think) important for your work?  

3.	Delivery. Is print OK still, or is there a massive demand for Web 
delivery? If so, would there be any scope for selling access to PARTS of 
ZR to you as an individual or to your work group, especially if your library 
has already - or is thinking of - cancelling the subscription?  

4.	What are the alternative products that work for you (or not).

And any other comments about improvements, etc.......

Thanks for any help you can give.
Alma Swan, PhD.

[A. Swan e-mail is <a.swan at ZETNET.CO.UK>]

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