Photogenic E. Ehlers, H. Schauinsland?

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Tue Aug 17 21:37:39 EST 1999

Dear Colleagues,

1) Professor Ernst Heinrich Ehlers, 1835-1925

I am looking for a published photo of Ehlers (true photo, painting, 
caricature, whatever). I'd most appreciate any suggestions as to a source, 
or an offer to supply the picture. Also I'm looking for extra biographical 
information. I have found but not yet seen the two cites below (the first may 
not be available in NZ). I have seen the entry in Hans Hansson's online 
biographical resource.  

Kühn, A. 1926. Ernst Ehlers.— Nachrichten der Gesellschaft der 
Wissenschaften zu Göttingen. Geschäftliche Mitteilungen., 1925-26:1-9.  

McIntosh, W. C. 1926. Obituary Notice of Prof. Ernst Ehlers of 
Göttingen.— Nature, 1926:458-459.  

2) Professor Dr Hugo Hermann Schauinsland, Director Bremen Ubersee 
Museum, collected in New Zealand 1896-97.  

There is a small photo of Schauinsland in the translation of his visit to 
Laysan, but it's a bit murky. I'm also looking for further biographical 
resources on him, and suggestions for a contact person at the Ubersee 
Museum. (S's name is immortalised in the name of the Hawaiian Monk Seal 
Monachus schauinslandi, as well as numerous smaller critters.) 

Udvardy, M. D. F. 1996. Three months on a coral island (Laysan) 
[translation].— Atoll Research bulletin, 432:1-53.  

These are rather obscure requests, but I have faith someone will have a 
suggestion or two. Thanks.

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