Annelida: If at first ...

Geoff Read at
Wed Aug 25 21:34:39 EST 1999


My policy on EXACT repeat messages is quite simple. I don't release them 
to the list.

If at first you don't succeed then probably your strategy was wrong. Try 
something different. 

Some suggestions: Was the subject header a good descriptive and precise 
indication of the topic? Was the body of the message easy to understand 
and concise, or was it vague, rambling, and lacking the background 
information others might need? Was the question asked something a 
friendly colleague in the right place would help you with, or was it trying to 
get other people to do work you could or should do yourself?  And ... I 
hesitate to state the obvious ... were you polite, non-demanding, and did you 
sign off your message with your name? 

You think it was a perfectly formulated and quite reasonable question and 
yet there was no adequate response? You're sure it was perfect? Ah well. It 
happens. We have failed you. This list's collective wisdom and boundless 
goodwill has fallen short of your expectations. Sorry about that.

PS: List members do go off on holidays. In the Northern hemisphere that's 
probably around about now ... 

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