Reproductive modes

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I am trying to allocate polychaete species from the Canarian Archipelago to 
reproductive types, i.e. Direct Development (DD), Planktotrophy (PLK), 
Lecitotrophy (LEC), sometimes only Brooding (BR) being quoted.  

Out of the 81 species found in sixty three 0.01 m2 grabs, I have been able
to assign a reproductive mode for 60 taxa, either by direct evidence or
inferring from data on closely-related species. Nevertheless, a total of 21
species I could not found a bibliographic quotation of their reproductive

I would appreciate if anyone could help me with the reproductive types and 
bibliographic references regarding the below polychaete species. I have 
made a, sometimes, remote guess of which the reproductive style might be. 
Thank you.  


(Amphinomidae) Chloeia viridis: DD, Kudenov 1977
(Amphynomidae) Eurythoe chilensis: no reference found
(Aphroditidae) Hermonia hystrix: DD, Thorson 1946
(Aphroditidae) Hermonia hystrix: DD, Thorson 1946
(Capitellidae) Capitomastus minimus: no reference found despite Jamieson &
(Chrysopetalidae) Bhawania reyssi: PLK, Blake 1975
(Eunicidae) Nematonereis unicornis: no reference found
(Goniadidae) Gonadiela sp (Goniadidae): no reference found
(Goniadidae) Goniada maculata: no reference found
(Maldanidae) Praxillella gracilis: unknown despite Curtis 1977
(Nereidae) Neanthes caudata and N. rubicunda: DD or LEC, Smith 1950,
Fischer & Dhainaut 1985
(Nereidae) Nereis zonata: LEC or PLK, Johnson 1943, Cazaux 1968
(Orbiniidae) Scolaricia sp.: LEC or DD, Anderson 1961, Gibbs 1968
(Paraonidae) Cirrophorus spp.: DD, Rasmussen 1973, Curtis 1977
(Questidae) Questa caudicirra: unknown despite Jamieson & Rouse 1989
(Sabellidae) Pseudofabricia aberrans: BR, Berril 1977
(Serpulidae) Ditrupa arietina: unknown
(Spionidae) Dispio uncinata: PLK? as most spionids
(Syllidae) Brania arminii: no reference found
(Syllidae) Ehlersia ferrugina: no reference found (BR?)
(Syllidae) Haplosyllis spongicola: no reference found

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