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Annelida colleagues,

Does anyone have information to help with the questions below? I am 
aware  of the 1995 paper by Martens, Heuer, & Hartmann-Schröder. 

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Dear Dr Read

Zebra Films, a natural history film company based in the UK, is currently
making a  major new three-part series on the wildlife of the Indonesian
archipelago. The series is for the BBC's Natural World.

I have just taken over some research on the project. 

We are keen to film the annual mass spawning by epitoky of polychaete
worms Eunice viridis. On the island of Sumba in the Indonesian
archipelago, an annual festival known as the Pasola has grown up linked
with this annual biological event (which happens around mid March).

I understand that you are an expert on polychaetes and was wondering
whether you could help me out on the following questions:

i) Do you know of any scientists who have studied (these) polychaetes in

ii) Apart from Indonesia where else could we film the spawning within the
next 6 months? We have to have finished filming by June 1999.

iii) Do you know anyone with good film footage of the Palolo worm

iv) Is it possible to film the epitoky in captivity?

Any help at all you can give is very much appreciated.

Best wishes

Dan Eatherley

Zebra Films
40 Whiteladies Road

Tel:   +44 117 970 6026
Fax:   +44 117 973 6866
email: dan at
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