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Dear Torleif and Torkild,

Please refer to a review by Light (1991. Ophelia Suppl. 5:133-146) in order
to see the restrictions in the use of Asychis. Aschys is an orthographic
error. Make 1999 your best year!



At 12:52 PM 15/01/99 -0800, you wrote:
>As referees of a paper on polychaetes, we found in a table the generic 
>name Aschys (with a reference to Bolivar 1986) listed below four 
>maldanid species. We have been unable to verify this genus, and 
>suspect it might be an erroneous spelling for Asychis. Does anybody 
>Torleif Holthe & Torkild Bakken

	La Ciencia del Tercer Mundo no está perdida, sino ignorada.
	Third World Science is not lost (Sci. Amer. Aug. 1995:76),
		just ignored.

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