Copyright and re-usage

Geoff Read gread at
Mon Jan 18 18:08:37 EST 1999

Dear Annelida colleagues,

Should you come across in the future unfair usages or 
misrepresentations of  material from this list or from my web site I'd like to 
know about them.   

Documents on the Annelid resources web site maintained by me are 
copyrighted. Any re-use  MUST acknowledge the source. 

Mail on Annelida mailing list I believe is copyright to the author. In 
addition any re-use should as a courtesy acknowledge the source as 
being Annelida list mail. Certainly to misrepresent the information as a 
person to person letter is ethically unsound.

When done knowingly, passing off of other's words as one's own is a 
serious breach of ethics for which there is a nasty word.

With the above in mind, and in the spirit of scientific cooperation and 
free communication, I am always delighted to find ANNELIDA list 
messages and the web site material, if credited as such, republished 


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