Larval life span

Jack Pearce buzbay at
Fri Jul 16 16:34:07 EST 1999

Dear all,

Following up on the request for info on polychaete lar-
val life and dispersion, I am keen on recent reviews or
updates on brachyuran crab larvae and their movement,
passive and otherwise.

Pea crabs, which I have work with locally and interna-
tionally for the past three decades, have disappeared.
These crabs, Pinnotheres maculatus, once infested the
common blue mussels in Cape Cod Canal to 100%;
they are now absent. The same is true for Quicks Hole
and the everal piers in Woods Hole. Water movements
may account for this.

At any rate I would like to know if any of you have info
or have published on similar phenomena.  Thanks.

Cheers, Jack B. Pearce <buzbay at>
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